New Fiesta collection

Fiesta collection for Jamida of Sweden

I have designed a brand new collection for Jamida called Fiesta, in three fun colourways designed to mix and match. Dancing spectrum stripes of joyous colour inspired by Nordic knitwear patterns and loopy lace will initially be available on birch wood trays, placemats, coasters, aprons and tea towels.

I absolutely love colour. I love pattern too and sometimes when you put them all together they just fight, so by arranging the colours in some kind of natural order they become more harmonious, like a rainbow or a set of pastels in an art shop. Whenever I start working with a new printing company for whatever product we are developing, I always ask them to print me an entire spectrum so I can easily see the potential and choose individual colours for my designs logically and try to match the different products as much as possible in daylight. The spotty digitally printed fabric shown below is my working colour guide for cotton panama fabric and when I received it I was blown away by the saturation and quality of print so I became very inspired to combine multiple colours together in my new collection.

Matching colours using my colour guide

Some of the design inspiration consistent throughout my career

My embroidered cashmere and silk scarves - my previous work as a designer/maker

Border patterns as well as colour have long been a main feature of my work. Before licensing designs to Jamida I spent my post-college years as an artisan maker of embroidered cashmere and wool blankets and scarves. I developed my own method of machine embroidering intricate wool fringes onto loom-state fabric which was then dyed so the finished article would be a textural and tonal variation of one colour. Dyeing the embroidered fabric could be a rather risky business because if something went wrong with the colour or hot dyeing temperature the whole piece could be ruined. One of my favourite things was working out dye recipes and I created over 120 repeatable shades - an overwhelming choice of colours for some of my customers but useful when honing down shades to a specific palette. I loved to pile up the different blankets and their coloured fancy fringes so they would overlap and create pleasing complex patterns, like scaled up broderie anglaise fabric or woolly wrought ironwork.

The Fiesta collection is launching officially at the Maison et Objet trade show in Paris this month on Jamida's stand, Hall 6 Stand D28. To view and order (wholesale) the entire collection please go to the Jamida of Sweden website.

Asta Barrington